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This was a live client project completed with Upwork and Brandcenter, and we were the winning pitch.
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the ask

Get Gen-Z to see Upwork as a place for real opportunities.

the background

Upwork is the freelancing platform that is revolutionizing how we work and how we view work. They want to speak to Gen-Z, the generation that has new views on what’s important at work. It’s not all about money and career growth, with 67% of Gen Z believing true success means having a job that aligns with their passion.


Gen Z believes there shouldn’t have to be a choice between work and passion.  

“Find the work that sets your soul on fire it won’t always be easy but your passion will give you a competitive edge ✨ finding the right freelance niche for now—not forever—is key as sometimes we grow and evolve and our work needs to grow along with us as a freelance writer I wear many hats, and I discard the ones that don’t suit me. That’s how you find the right fits.”


-freelance writer, 23


Show Gen Z that with Upwork, there are no gatekeepers of the corporate world. Nothing is standing in the way of the projects they want, the people who inspire them, and the work they believe in.

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Your Career, Unscripted.

campaign idea
manifesto video
app integration

current app


We created an app integration incorporating Gen Z’s favorite activity: swiping. Gen Z has so much choice at their fingertips in every aspect of their lives. They’re able to go on dates without long-term commitment on dating apps. We want to bring the idea that you can try out jobs without long-term commitment on Upwork through the design of the new app integration.

new app integration


chat before meeting


match between
business and freelancer

Asset 7.png

We kept the comedic flair through the photography and paired it with each message. Each photo subtly alludes to the absurdity of office/corporate culture while also promoting the new app integration to the Gen-Z audience.

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#upworkoffscript is a user participation series on TikTok where freelancers can share their stories of the “off script” moments in their full-time employment experience that drove them to begin freelancing. This provides a platform to share the absurd and sometimes comical shortcomings of full-time employment, as well as a way for Gen Z to stitch and share stories they identify with, all while promoting freelancing with Upwork. 

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partnership with dickies
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We are introducing an Upwork Dickie’s collab as a way to connect with Gen-Z and vibrant their self-expression. Encouraging Gen Z to roll up their sleeves and get to work on the virtual oil field that is email and slack messages.

swag box
the team

Kennedy Thompson (ST)

Victoria Nguyen (CBM)

Grace Hudson (AD)

Lindsey Evans (AD)

Leo Cvitanovich (CW)

Patrick Nguyen (XD)

We see onboarding boxes as a great opportunity for Upwork to strengthen its relationships with its users and celebrate the Upwork community.

When a freelancer completes their first paid gig they will receive their onboarding box full of Upwork swag like mugs, a notebook, a Baggu laptop case, and more celebrating their accomplishment of freeing their work.

my contribution

brand management

project management

presentation outline

secondary research

comms planning

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