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the ask
lance inc.png
lance inc.png

Make Lance Inc. a top-shelf grocery brand.

the background

As a popular snack of choice for families during the early and mid-1900s, Lance Inc. crackers lost their top spot to new competition and an oversaturated market over the years. 

not connecting with modern society
  • Lance currently has limited marketing and advertising presence, with a few ads being targeted toward children.

  • For many older adults, Lance crackers have become a nostalgic snack that they keep in their pantry to share with their grandchildren.

             “Lance crackers are the snack my grandma always” -undergrad student

new target audience

There is a gap in Lance’s target audience, those between the ages of 18-35. Those under the age of 35 make up half of a group called “Super Snackers,” those who snack up to five times daily.


Highlight Lance’s History to gain brand recognition with super snackers.

campaign idea

Truth: Lance was founded after Philip Lance accidentally bought 500 lbs of peanuts instead of coffee beans.

Insight: Peanut butter crackers can fix any problem no matter how big.

old to new logo.PNG

We wanted to pay homage to the old Lance logo but put a modern spin on it.

rebranding lance.PNG

We kept Lance's fun and vibrant colors and added icons to represent the different crackers that Lance Inc produces. This was to ensure all of the packaging were consistent throughout.  

old packaging

lance inc.png

new packaging

group lance crackers_edited.png
manifesto & ooh

Sometimes life doesn't hand you lemons.

Sometimes life lets you accidentally buy 500 pounds worth of peanuts. Hehe whoopsies!

But don't let that weight of your outrageously-massive-mistakes keep you down.

Turn out the right to all your wrongs has been here all along.

In grocery aisle #5.

Your pal, Lance

ooh2 lance.PNG
twitter interactions 
lance social.PNG
lance social 1.PNG

We will be going to Twitter and responding to people's everyday problems using #ProblemSolved.

56% of Twitters users are between the ages 18-35 years old. 

spotify ads
lance radio.PNG



lance radio.PNG



lance radio.PNG

We wanted to meet our audience where they are, and Spotify ads are a perfect way to connect with them.

70 % of Spotify users expressed that advertisements on the platform make a brand seem young, genuine, and trustworthy

interactive in-store display

To promote the new rebrand, we will have interactive machines in grocery stores that dispense Lance Inc crackers and Dunkin coffee. The prizes are given once the consumer "fixes" the broken lance cracker.

the team

Yousef Al-Sarraf (ST)

Victoria Nguyen (CBM)

Marshall Pittman (XD) 

Grace Hudson (AD)

Eli Reece (CW)

my contribution

Project Management

Primary Research

Secondary Research

Creative Brief

Presentation Outline

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