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CA Hotshot Crews

This was a social good project.
the background

Hotshot crews are highly skilled firefighters who battle the hottest parts of wildfires. The demand for Hotshot is increasing as the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) expands by about 2 million acres annually. However, the low compensation, inadequate working conditions, and significant health risks associated with firefighting have resulted in burnout and a shortage of firefighters.

the problem

Hotshot Firefighters are being overworked, underpaid, and cannot keep up with the increase in Wildfires.

our solution

Create a public stunt in LA to gain public support for the Tim’s Act 

*Tim's Act: The legislation aims to revamp the federal wildland firefighting workforce to enhance the compensation, perks, and safety of these brave individuals who are at the forefront of battling the wildfire crisis.

campaign idea
LA firelogo_2x.png

We aren’t actually selling homes. Just make it look like we are.

The goal is NOT to raise money BUT to gain attention and direct it towards legislation efforts.

four-step plan


Putting a Log on the Fire/ Landmarks up for Lease.


Really Hot Estate Goes Residential


Find a Match or Strike a Match on Zillow.


Open House(fire)s

step 1: landmarks up for lease
Griffith observatory mockup.png

Large-scale FOR SALE signs will be placed in popular public locations across LA, insinuating that the city's wildland firefighters, in collaboration with our firefighter real estate company, are vacating the lands in anticipation of impending wildfires.


The signs will feature phone numbers/QR codes that guide individuals toward supporting the passage of Tim's Act.

*projection mapping of popular places in LA burning

step 2: really hot estate goes residential

A team of actors will pose as Hot Shots turned Realtors and drive through LA passing out For Sale signs and offering to sell for homeowners. When they are ultimately turned down, our volunteers will prompt homeowners to take action in helping to get the Tim’s Act passed.

step 3: find a match or strike a match on zillow
zillow hotshot.PNG

For a short period of time, Zillow will show fire emojis instead of houses to indicate that these wildfires will be in these places if something isn’t done soon to help our Hotshots. 

step 4: open housefires

Instead of a traditional Open House, we will have a walk-through of what LA will look like in the future with no Hotshots.

the team

Allison Fitzgerald (ST)

Victoria Nguyen (CBM)

Elizabeth Gatlin (XD)

Ethan McKay (AD)

Joelle Mitchelle (AD)

Joseph Kuhns (CW)

my contribution

Project Management

Secondary Research

Creative Brief

Presentation Outline

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